Things To Know Before Pre-Ordering a Release (Please read!)

The digital download feature will only download specific tracks or an album to your devices as files. You'll need to upload them to the various platforms from your device by yourself. 

When someone clicks “download” on the website, the download link will be sent to that person's email inbox. So, when that person clicks the download link, it'll download the tracks/album to that person's computer or mobile phone. The way to open the files depends on what device it is. 

If the purchaser is using an Android device, they should be able to download the songs to their device and play them on their music player without any issues. 

However, if the purchaser is using an iPhone, things may appear a little different as iPhone generally blocks external music downloads from appearing in iTunes or Apple Music. 

There are two workarounds that come to mind: 
1. There's an app on iPhone called Files. It works like a folder where all external download files would appear in. Your purchasers who download your songs with iPhone could open up the Files app to see if the tracks are there. If yes, they can just click the track and play it from the default iPhone player for these files. 

2. If they want the tracks to appear on iTunes or Apple Music, they will need to download them again on a computer (a laptop PC or a Macbook would work as long as it has iTunes or Apple Music in it as well). Then, they will need to upload these tracks to iTunes or Apple Music from their computer. 

You can check out how to upload songs into iTunes or Apple Music here: (for PC) (for Mac) 

Then, once they manage to upload them to their iTunes or Apple Music account, they will just need to ensure these apps are synced across all devices. This should allow them to listen to your songs through their iPhone. 

Lastly, the download link is made available to your purchasers for 5 days. So, they can always download again on a different device, provided that it is done within 5 days. 

Hope this helps! Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any further questions.

Digital Album Pre-Sale

Down On The Farm

Down On The Farm